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Sarcoidosis and COVID-19 Follow Up Survey

You have been asked to complete this survey as you have previously given your consent to being contacted about a follow up to our previous COVID-19 surveys.

The responses to this survey, as well as our previous surveys, will be used to write a paper to explain how the coronavirus pandemic has affected sarcoidosis patients, including their experience of COVID-19, lockdown, shielding, vaccines and the lifting of restrictions.

Ideally, we would prefer sarcoidosis patients to complete the survey. However, if someone with sarcoidosis is unable to complete it for whatever reason, a family member/carer can complete the survey on their behalf.

At the end of the survey, you will be asked to provide your email address so that we can compare your more recent experiences of the pandemic to your responses in our previous survey. If you would prefer your responses to be anonymous for this survey, you can leave this section blank. When publishing our findings, we will not publish any information that would identify you personally.